Fat freezing removal


The fat freezing removal procedure is an invasive treatment procedure used to eliminate excessive and unwanted fat without surgery or downtime. The procedure is also known as ‘CoolSculpting by Zeltiq.’ The treatment is an innovative method that contours your body by just freezing the excessive fat. There are over 3 million people who have undergone the treatment worldwide. The procedure has enabled people to have a better and clear view of themselves. Before one freezes his or her fat, one needs to understand some facts first;

Unwanted fat freezing procedure in York
• When the skin gets cold enough, the fat cells beneath the skin undergo self-destruction.
• The procedure tends to remove fat unevenly.
• It is slightly expensive.
• In some cases, a single treatment is not always enough for selective fat removal.
• The method is only recommended for very safe fat removal.
• Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) can occur after the procedure is complete. Fat can develop back instead of disappearing altogether.
• A single section takes an hour. The period may increase with the number of parts you want to treat.
• In some cases, the patients tend to experience numbness induced by the cryo lipolysis. The numbness may last for weeks.
• One may have bruises on the skin where the treatment was performed. The parts are treated may be pulled, pinched and tugged during the suction process.
• It may take several weeks for noticeable results to show up.
• After the treatment, one will have to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to maintain the results.
The cool sculpting procedure is recommended for both men and women. This revolutionary, non-surgical cosmetic procedure is used on several localized areas such as lower back, abdomen, and waist. It does not include the use of incisions, needles, stitches, scalpels, chemicals, scars and no anesthesia and there is no allocated time of recovery. The treatment uses a new technology to permanently reduce fat content by crystallizing and dissolving the fat cells that are beneath the surface of the skin. It eliminates the selective subcutaneous fat cells that the diet and exercise cannot remove effectively. These fat cells are reabsorbed gently and safely and leave the healthy body cells unharmed.
The procedure was invented by the Harvard Medical Scientist and later approved by the FDA in 2010. The procedure is based on the science of cryolipolysis; the targeted fat cells are eliminated naturally by freezing the skin. The fat units contract and undergo a process known as ‘apoptosis’ when exposed to the CoolSculpting device. The process gradually dissolves the fat cells. The tissues, muscles, healthy skin and the nerves are not affected since there no real skin penetration involved.

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Freeze a way unwanted fat in York
The fat freezing removal procedure works as follows; the patients can address their medical background, specific needs and the realistic expectations upon consultation. The specialist together with the patient develops an exclusive treatment plan that covers all the specific needs of the patient to achieve the desired results. The procedure will last for one hour or even more depending on the parts that are being treated. During the CoolSculpting procedure patients are not restricted, they can talk on their phones, read magazines, listen to music or even work on their laptops or iPads. A gel is used to outline the targeted body part, and then the CoolSculpting device is applied. The device uses cooling panels to deliver the freezing temperature which starts the reduction process of the unwanted fat cells. The device has safety sensors that monitor the cooling temperatures and the effect on the cells so that the healthy tissues and cells are not damaged. After the removal of the device, the area treated may have a pink or red discolouration that can take a few minutes or even few hours. Minimal tenderness may be felt over the next 24 hour after the skin gains the normal body temperature. Depending on the suction quality, some patients may experience minimal bruising, but it will be over within two weeks.
In conclusion, the CoolSculpting procedure is a no downtime process. Patients may plan for a schedule with a surgeon over the lunch hour, and after the session, the patient can comfortably go back to work. The results can be noticeable and natural looking after only one procedure. However, permanent results are noticeable after three months after the excess fat has been processed by the body. Patients who need perfect fat reduction results may consult with their surgeons and plan on additional treatments. A healthy diet and regular exercising will ensure that the results last longer and are permanent. However, minimal side effects involving numbness and bruising resolve in weeks’ time.

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